Thursday, February 28, 2008

The BBC is putting out a programme about the "invisible" white working class. The BBC cares about the white working class? "My Arse" (Jim Royle). What are they up to? Working class individuals are consigned the role of a comedy act on the television. In numbers we are portrayed as a threat. That is how the middle class have always seen us, and their prejudices have been fed by the media.
Even after it became unacceptable tho portray black people, people with foreign accents, and homosexuals, in an insulting manner, the proletariat were still legitimate targets. Of course the current party line is that "we're all middle class now". We mustn't talk of a working class, a class with common interests which, if advanced, will adversely affect the privileged classes. So we use words like "chav" when denigrating the majority, and our rulers speak in hushed tones of "the underclass".
Has there been a change of heart at the BBC? I don't think so, but in this age of the fat cat, the non-dom, the bloated bonuses, the kleptocrats, the unchecked politicians' expense claims, the attentions of the downtrodden must be diverted. If the white working class is "invisible" the implication is that the non-white working class is not. They are high profile, attracting the attention of the "do-gooders"; making their way to the front of the queue and gaining access to a bottomless public purse.
As if the programme makers gave a toss about us. They didn't before, so why now?

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