Saturday, September 06, 2008

I try to avoid obscene* language on the web, but I can't resist this yarn about the execrable KKKelvin McK. in yesterday's Guardian Diary -
"In 30 years of employing people I've never seen racism," wrote Kelvin in the Sun yesterday, and while that may be true, one suspects he may have heard a few ripe things. Like the time, long past, when one executive wondered how South Africa would cope "when the darkies come down from the trees". Or the occasion, when the same guy told colleagues of switching TV channels because he was not interested "in a lot of fucking bollocks about an emaciated coon". The coon that time was Ghandi. It was all documented in 1990's Stick It Up Your Punter, an eye-popping account of the Sun in its wilder days - and the authors were under the impression that the executive was Kelvin. Maybe they were wrong. We all make mistakes.

* Another example of my antiquated terminology. The fashionable label is "strong language". Ghandi so spelled in the original.

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