Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Today was a first for me. I walked the streets carrying an umbrella. I didn't change sex and I didn't start pronouncing my aitches. Still I probably won't repeat the experience, as I got pissing wet through anyway. It was a cheap effort from a pound shop.
Some of these cultural hangovers seem quite comical nowadays, even to me, reluctant as I am to discard them. When I was growing up only women and middle class males carried and used umbrellas. The same with drinking out of half-pint glasses. Men drank pints, men got soaked (outside and in, as they used to say).
I'd call it negative machismo - not trying to look like the cock of the walk, but just avoiding suspicious glances and deprecating remarks from peers.

By the way, that word 'machismo' - I consider it a middle class marker when somebody pronounces it 'm'kizmo'. How daft that sounds.

By the way, no.2; walking round town I counted eight poppy wearers out of hundreds. Only one of these looked under sixty.

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