Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That sector of the US Stasi known as Hotmail has shut me out of my email account. I sign in and am asked to type in my codeword. I haven't got a codeword, or maybe I have. It seems that Hotmail has sent a codeword to my email account, so all I have to do is log in and learn what it is.
I wonder what overpaid cretin thought that one up.
So I go for help. It's your password I'm told. Change your password and the problem's solved. So I change my password and sign in. Type in your codeword, I'm told.
Baszom az anyát! I reply (in English, of course, but I don't wish to offend those who haven't offended me).

Before I ever had a computer or email I'd heard bad stuff about Hotmail and other Stasi linked IT outfits. I didn't choose Hotmail, a librarian set up an email account for me so I could reply to some messages passed on to me by fellow workers in dispute with their employer. Naturally he chose the best known facility, and I didn't bother to change it. To lose the account would be no great loss, except for a couple of folders of correspondence on historical and biographical subjects. Also, my grandchildren send me photographs attached to emails. Have I made copies them all?

Maybe getting out of Hotmail/NSA is no bad thing. But I'd like to salvage a few items before I bow out.

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