Sunday, August 31, 2014

This week I finally got my hands on a record I've been after for years. It's the incidental music from a film of Roger Vadim call "Sait-on jamais ...". I give the original title because nobody seems to agree on its English name. I've seen it under the name "When the Devil Drives" and "One never Knows". The title on the album was "No Sun in Venice", which is maybe what it was called in the USA.
The music is by the Modern Jazz Quartet, and I love it. Now at last I've got it, along with three other MJQ albums on one CD - bargain.
The film itself has always fascinated me. I've referred to it before as a portent of the Nouvelle Vague. I have seen a review of the film by J-L Godard, vaguely positive is all one can say of that. It is for me a cult film whose only adherent is my sorry self, though I think I remember somebody I met in the army who knew it and approved.
Here's some bella musica, from John Lewis's score -

In addition to the MJQ's music, we were treated to a Gerald McBoing boing cartoon, a song by Juliette Greco, and snatches of a favourite song of mine, Bécaud's "Alors Raconte". Then there was my favourite screen villain, Robert Hossein, doing his nasty thing. To ask for more would be greedy.

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