Friday, January 19, 2007

I watched "The Trial of Tony Blair" last night. The critics were not impressed but I enjoyed it.
What was difficult to swallow, though, was the idea that (pernicious) T.B. was subject to hallucinations about the countless lives he has snuffed out in the course of his sojourn as Prime Minister. That man, that person, has no doubts. Did we ever see a man so full of hubris, of chutzpah, of shit? "You're all wrong and I'm right, and, even when I'm wrong and you're right I'm still superior to the rest of you. I'm a Christian, I talk to God and tell him what I'm going to do. He has never yet ordered me to desist. I also talk to George Bush, and God tells George what to do. My arse is divinely covered."

Jade Goodfornothing's mother has gone on record with the claim that her daughter can't be racist because she's of racially mixed parentage. That reminds me of the time a mate of mine was arguing with two Israelis. Their racist remarks about Palestinians, and their description of the treatment they felt Palestinians deserved, led my mate to call them fascists. "Oh no, we can't be fascists" they assured him, "because we are Jews."
Tensions and rivalries between different ethnic minorities, for example Afro-Caribbean and British Asian, have led to violent incidents in the past. These could not be racial in origin according to the Essex Gobshite theory of race relations. Cultural, I suppose.

Congratulations to Ms. Marina Hyde of the Guardian; the only British journalist who knows that the singular of paparazzi is paparazzo.

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