Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A quote from the American journalist, Christiane Amanpour -
"The right questions weren't asked in the lead-up to the
Iraq war, and now the whole world is paying the price."
This crap by politicians and journalists that they were fooled by the lies of Bush and the oil-slickers, and Blair and his spin-doctors, won't work. There were plenty of people who weren't fooled, but they weren't being well paid to disseminate the lies.
After the first Iraq war the hacks complained that they'd been lied to, but they wouldn't just repeat the lies next time. Second attack on Iraq, the media go into cheerleader mode. Now they are claiming that things would have been different if they'd known that they were being lied to by Bush and Blair.
It would be nice if we could believe them. Unfortunately we see them going along with these proven liars, now on Iran, regurgitating the disinformation they're been fed by the propaganda machine. Warmongers at the beginning, peacelovers in the aftermath, accessories throughout.

So now bills introduced by the government have to be vetted by the Pope's representative in the Cabinet - Ruth Kelly, the fully-fledged flagellatrix of Octopus Dei. Will the Pontiff get his way? Well, Blair the crypto-catholic will do his damnedest for Holy Mother Church.
That's another Blair lie, that he is not yet a catholic. Any catholic will tell you that nobody but a catholic can receive Holy Communion. Yet Blair was doing so regularly a few years ago, until the press got wind. But even then nobody pointed out that Blair the recipient of the eucharist = Blair the Roman Catholic. Not even, to my knowledge, the sleuth-hounds of the Orange Order. Can it be that non-catholics are not aware of the significance of this act, and that catholics kept Shtum for fear of an almighty row?
When I was being educated at catholic schools we were told that there is an unwritten rule in this country that a catholic cannot be Prime Minister. Whether or not this is true I don't know, but it appears that Blair has heard that story and is not taking any chances.

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