Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bad news for all those eejits who enjoy making rich people richer, Madeley and Finnegan are dropping their "You Ring, We Sting" money-spinner. They're going to have to think up some new scheme to replace it. You'd think they'd be satisfied with the book-plugging fees, but no. Maybe it's the buzz they get from sailing close to the wind, the risk of exposure, as when Richard was caught NOT shoplifting. No, I believe it's naked greed. I read that they got a millionaire on as a guest, along with their daughter, who put the anchors on him for £5000. Shameless! I don't watch the programme so I don't know if they dropped the product placement after that got too blatant for even Channel4. The last time I saw this pair at work they were giving their guest Jeremy Hardy a verbal kicking for daring to voice his disagreement with the invasion of Iraq. They were aided and abetted in this exhibition of bad manners by Tory tart A. (for Aussie) Platell. I wonder if Iraq comes up much on the show these days.
Maybe there's a website dedicated to this nefarious pair and their moneygrubbing antics. I must do a web search.

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