Thursday, February 08, 2007

Strange how the police can, under current anti-terror legislation, arrest Muslims who haven't actually done anything on the basis of "intelligence", hold them for days without charges, then let them go. Although the quality of the "intelligence" is not subject to assessment by outside agencies, so we'll never know if it is more than finger-pointing by someone with a grudge against the detainees. At the same time letter bombs are exploding all over the place, but the police have no "intelligence" on the terrorists committing these outrages. Could they be white middle class fascists, i.e., the type of person our secret police don't consider a threat? Let's say someone like Copeland, the Brixton/Brick Lane/Soho bomber, who, Scotland Yard assured us, was not linked to any extreme right organisation. Several other sources assured us that he did have links to extreme right organisations.
Then there was the strange case of the Colne bomb factory; not Muslims, no story.

The England team were booed off the pitch at the end of last night's home defeat at the hands of Spain. Are those millionaires worried? Keep buying the shirts, suckers!

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