Thursday, September 27, 2007

"... the last thing Labour in Hull needs is another Prescott." A Hull Labour Party member (not many of them left) to the Hull Daily Mail. I imagine the chancer son of Lord Prescott of Corned Beef Island* is the last thing anybody needs. Let's hope that he's sent packing back to London where he belongs.
For my money we could have done without the first Prescott, but opinion is divided in Hull on that point.

*A reference that will only have meaning to elderly Hull people.

It seems that every parent of a blonde girl in the Maghreb will be a suspected kidnapper. Haven't our hacks heard of the fair skinned, sometimes blue-eyed, sometimes fair haired Berbers? Probably not. Only Northern Europeans can be fair.
Some years ago a little Yorkshire lad went missing in Corfu. Every gipsy camp in Greece with a fair haired child was raided by the Greek cops. Meanwhile British tourists were running to the police every time they saw a fair haired Greek child.
We don't know much about foreigners, but we know they have to be dark. OK?

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