Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The British government is very upset about the way the Russian elections were conducted, and has put its objections on record. It seems that they were as crooked as the recent Egyptian elections, and, as we know our government was very ... (Hang on! Back-pedal!) ... which were unlike the Russian elections and a triumph for democracy.
As for the canard about Bush stealing two elections in a row - that's a non-runner in Westminster. We simple folk don't understand that democracy sometimes needs a little help, a little tweaking, to get the right result. That's democracy, that rhymes with hypocrisy, that you spell with a D, as in D-vious.

AT LAST! Someone has mentioned the noble Lord Ashcroft in connection with dodgy donations.
prisonlawinsideout: Lord Ashcroft of No Fixed Abode#links

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