Saturday, March 01, 2008


Thirty-two Palestinians were massacred today at the hands of the world's third most powerful military force. The youngest victim was a six month old baby.
"The renewed violence appears to have torpedoed any hopes that an impending visit by US secretary of state Condleezza Rice can bring about a break through in peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians." comments Peter Beaumont in this morning's Guardian. That might be one reason for the massacre.
The Israeli foreign minister has threatened the people of Gaza with a "shoah". So, shoah against Jews, an unforgivable act; shoah against Arabs, that's OK! Was there ever a clearer demonstration of the inherent racism of Zionist ideology? Imagine if an Arab had uttered a statement like that.
I think that a letter in yesterday's Guardian can bear lengthy quotation, as it airs items of news that the pro-Israel British press prefers to play down or ignore. It was from Ms. Sarah Colborne of the Palestine Solidarity Committee.

" ... the Israeli government has rejected repeated offers by Hamas for a ceasefire. Israel has just killed 23 Palestinians, including eight children, in 24 hours. One of these Israeli airstrikes, aimed at the ministry of interior building in Gaza City, also destroyed the nearby Palestinian Medical Relief Society head office in Gaza, which housed its main clinic and a loan centre for equipment for disabled people. It also killed a five-month-old baby in in the same area. Israel's brutal and illegal collective punishment of a civilian population must end and pressure must be placed on Israel to ensure it complies with international law and ends its illegal occupation."

That was before the latest body-count.

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