Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Middle East Peace (sic) Envoy and his bundle of sinecures (see link). Meanwhile children are dying.
I'm reminded of that old Irish multi-tasker, Meiler Magrath (d.1622). Meiler managed to hold office simultaneously as Catholic Archbishop of Down and Connor, and Protestant Archbishop of Cashel. He was also Bishop of Clogher, and of Lismore and Waterford at the same time.
It was written of Meiler that he had a " ... greedie mynde to heape together large possessions". He was accused of treason, of which, having professed himself loyal to the English monarch and colluded with Irish rebels, he was clearly guilty. Still he proved himself useful to his English paymasters. He was also accused of simony, something akin to "cash for honours".

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