Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I've just found out, I'm not as poor as I thought I was. According to the Rowntree Trust a pensioner couple needs £265.92 to reach the basic standard of living , as follows:

Food and drink £60.65
Clothing and footwear £9.93
Housing costs £103.64
Household goods and services £20.20
Personal goods and services (inc health) £23.65
Transport £4.65
Social and cultural activities £43.21
Total £265.92

I just totted up joint pension (Missus and me), rent rebate, council tax rebate and free prescriptions, and I find I'm just over a fiver to the good. I imagine though with spiralling inflation the Rowntree figure is already in need of an update. Add to that the threat of worse to come, coupled with our income remaining unchanged until next April - now I'm depressed!
I also learned recently that we're not in fuel poverty. That's if you pay out more than ten percent of income on the gas and the lecky. I'm on one of those pensioner schemes, but we still pay just under ten percent (9.8).
That reminds me, I didn't take account of the annual fuel handout for pensioners, I think it goes up to £250 next time, which would mean something close to another fiver a week. Rich beyond the dreams of avarice!
But am I happy with all my wealth? No, I just want more, more, MORE.

Meanwhile the middle class are feeling the pinch according to our reliable [sarcasm] media. They are deserting Waitrose and Marks and Spencer and buying their victuals at downmarket Aldi and Lidl. We've been patronising Aldi for years and we thought it was upmarket. We've noticed that of late Aldi's prices have rising fairly rapidly, and we'll probably have to leave it to the suburban invaders soon. Let's hope they don't take a fancy to Netto, that would probably see us resorting to scavenging from food store skips.

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