Monday, September 20, 2010

The Algerian street cleaners arrested and detained as terrrorist suspects turned out to be ... street cleaners. The muskers searched their gaffs and their works depot for incriminating evidence and came up empty. So someone's been wasting police time. Will they be charged?
This reminds me of the old anti-Irish Prevention of Terrorism act. Any Irish-born shop steward who was giving his employers a hard time would be lifted and held for questioning. After a week of being held incommunicado he would be be given an exclusion order and deported to the Irish Republic. He would have no opportunity to clear himself of terrorism in the courts, so no smoke without fire.
I wonder if these immigrant workers were making a nuisance of themselves at work, asking for a rise or some other concession. I fully expected them to be deported, but their residence and work papers must be in order. Their employer is the unscrupulous outfit Veolia, who I wouldn't trust to run a flea circus.
Maybe I'm just too suspicious.

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