Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Foreign Secretary Hague - who shares his bed with young men to save money - tells us that Syria is "on the edge of civil war". Silly me, thinking that Syria was right in the middle of a civil war.
Hague thinks civil wars are wrong and should be discontinued in favour of international conflict, which is always right when promoted by NATO. He looks at Syria and sees the Balkans in the 90s. He once, famously, looked at Libya and saw Venezuela.
We keep hearing this comparison lately Syria = the Balkans. Funny that nobody suggests that Syria = Libya.
Meanwhile in Libya the oil is secure and midwife NATO is seeking other destinations for its ordnance. No longer Natostan - the midwife's gory work is done - the country is turning into a collection of mini-fiefdoms controlled by (say it softly) armed gangs.
So let's forget Libya and concentrate on somewhere else that NATO wants to bomb.

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