Saturday, June 02, 2012

I haven't posted anything here for more than a week. My mind has been elsewhere.
Here's an update -
Politicians are still criminals fronting for master criminals.
The mainstream media are still weapons deployed in the class war by the master criminals, and operated by petty criminals.
The Middle East continues to be the region where the master criminals wreak havoc in order to control the oil supply, and create markets for their arms industry.
People continue to die of starvation and preventable diseases in various regions of the planet.
The Irish, given the opportunity to express disgust at the crimes of the confederacy of bankers, bureaucrats and politicians, voted for poverty and immmiseration. It appears that they regard the Great Famine, the Black '47, as their finest hour.

So, nothing new under the Sun.

To add personal insult to universal injury, my MP3 has given up the ghost.

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