Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The facebook group called Republicans Against Biased BBC Coverage Of Royal News And Trivia
has written a letter of complaint to the BBC, viz. -
There are an estimated 15 million supporters of the UK republican movement, hardly a fringe group/audience I am sure you would agree ?!!! Bearing this in mind the Public Accounts Committee will be asking senior Buckingham Palace aides questions about royal spending. Just recently you covered quite substantially on your main TV news bulletins the fact that Prince Charles read out one of his favourite poems, you even went to the cringeworthy lengths of showing him reading it out. As you will appreciate the majority of the UK population (not just republicans) would find this royal trivia not newsworthy in anyway whatsoever. As you may (or may not as it would seem !!!!) be aware there are a number of ongoing issues with the royal finances, in particular the tax dodging that both the Queen and Prince Charles engage in and also the creaming off of profits from public assets (the Duchies) that they also engage in, however the main issue being the overall cost of the upkeep of the monarch and her taxpayer funded family. The BBC are quite clearly in the pockets of the palace PR machine because never are the more negative news items about the royal finances featured in your main news bulletins, they are usually (if at all) hidden away on your online news pages. Could you kindly explain why the BBC favour giving coverage to royal trivia as opposed to the more negative real news items about these royals? Will you also be covering the PAC questioning and findings?

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