Monday, October 20, 2008

Further to the jolly rogering of our citizens by NHS Hull:
The local paper has published two interviews on this topic, both in favour. One interviewee was the bloke lined up to skipper the yacht, the other was some bloke from another quango. It seems that the SS Profligacy scheme is not going to get any heat from the local press, though its readers are singing a different tune.
I liked the suggestion by one reader identified as "Julia, East Yorkshire", as did others, so I take the liberty of posting it here. I hope that I'm not breaking any rules.

Why on earth are they thinking of buying a yacht, I have teenagers and even they dont think its a good idea, get real, this is not going to get kids working after they have done some sailing. If the money cannot go into our hospitals where it is desperately needed then get the kids to do some real work and start some allotments from scratch, this will teach them team work, in all weathers, and everything they grow can be sold and money put back into nhs or use the food to give the local hospitals and underprivileged families fresh vegetables instead of processed ready meals this will give the kids a better sense of satisfaction and will teach them the values of real food which will in years to come save the nhs a fortune.

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