Saturday, October 04, 2008

Return of the Eminence Grise
... or should it be Eminence Verte Avocado? Welcome back Don Niccolo Machiavelli. Now Gordon has allowed you within striking distance he'll probably hand you the knife to insert between his shoulder blades. Or do you intend to leave that foul deed to the Milliband Tendency who are taking over the cabinet piecemeal?
Will you be reciting your mantra as confidently as ever, "Deregulate, Deregulate!" Maybe that's why you're leaving the EU job, now they've seen the end result of your blueprint for chaos. But Gordon wants you, I wonder why. Maybe he's thinking of old Don Vito's advice to keep one's friends close, but one's enemies closer.
I wonder, weren't the super-rich of the mainland Europe as free with their largesse as your rich and powerful patrons back home? Surely Bela Lusconi could have found some dirty work for you at Strasbourg, in return for the freedom of his Sardinian condominium? Or maybe he saw someone as devious and corrupt as himself, that is, someone against whom a ten foot bargepole wasn't long enough to prevent contamination.
And Gordon let you back in.

... and Flogger Kelly - out of the cabinet for the sake of her family, and on notice to quit Parliament altogether. I wonder how long she'll be doing the domestic thing. How long before she puts her inside knowledge to good use in the job market. Then it'll be, "Stuff the family, I'm gonna get rich!"

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