Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This may be hard to believe. Something called NHS Hull, which calls itself a "primary care trust", is buying a yacht for £400,000. This is for the benefit of young people's health, nothing else.
When I see the word "trust" in the name of any organisation my suspicions are aroused. I get the impression that once any bunch of chancers identify themselves as a trust they become answerable to nobody. Am I wrong? This removal of the National Health Service from any sort of meaningful oversight was step one in the Thatcherite privatisation plan. Bring on the quangocrats, dodgy businessmen, Tory placemen and their wives, concubines and catamites. Throw in a few consultants sick of serving the great unwashed, and the whole idea of a public service is undermined.
Suddenly the funding begins to disappear down the proverbial black holes. Everything becomes more expensive when competition is introduced - why is that? Still there's always enough for the managers to award themselves a juicy pay rise. Then there are the other perks. How about a yacht, gang? Of course we'll have to find some tenuous link to primary care. I know our primary care is reserved for ourselves, but we can't be too blatant, can we? We let the young offenders play with it for part of the year till the furore dies down, then it's OURS.

At the moment our local politicos are accusing each other of rubber stamping this insult to the people of Hull. We await further revelations, but expect none from the local media. Off to the lodge with you all!

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