Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up.
Racism on the BBC - so what's new? As Bruce Forsyth put it: "We used to poke dogshit through Pakis' letterboxes. People had a sense of humour in those days." I may not have got the quote exactly right but I think I've got the gist of it. Marina Hyde called it "Play Your Race Cards Right".
I'm grateful to Ms. Vanessa Feltz (there's a first time for everything) for the information that Anton Du Beke is really called Tony Beak.
So Beaky was just being humorous and not edgy like Moyles and Clarkson, the darlings of the BBC.

Still the corporation's resident nasties had better look to their laurels. Their employer's love affair with the BNP is not losing its lustre.
Radio 1's "Newsbeat" recently featured an interview with "two young guys who are members of the BNP", who have since been outed as leading members and office holders.
A spokesman for the Neo-Nazi party later commented, "We were surprised not to have faced more difficult questioning but Radio 1 is not a heavy-duty political organ like Radio 4." A lot of listeners were also surprised at the easy ride the racists got. The Mail on Sunday was outraged too, and identified the "young guys". Needless to say the Mail's readership were not so upset. They were generally in favour of the broadcast.

The British establishment's cosying up to the extreme right is further exemplified by the Conservative Party in Europe placing itself under the command of an ex-Nazi named Michał Kamiński. The party denies that this fellow is a racist, and anti-semite, and rationalises his homophobia as something he shares with many Polish Catholics (well that's OK then).
Unfortunately, while they are denying he said certain things he himself is confirming them to the press. So are the Tories lying, or have they been duped by this Kamiński? Clarification needed.

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