Thursday, October 22, 2009

So the Crozier gang have got their way and forced the postal workers to walk out. Our spewsome Prime Minister and His Eminence Cardinal Mandarin have backed the fat cats, but Cameron thinks they're wimps because they haven't sent in the SAS.
Desperate dolies who have abandoned all self-respect are queuing up to scab, according to the (not very credible) Post Office management mouthpieces.The first casualty of war is the truth, as the old saying goes, and that goes for the class war. Are we being prepared for rerun of the Thatcher-Miners confrontation? Certainly Crozier has set his stall out to de-unionise his fiefdom and assume command of a cheap, short-term contract workforce. If it works he'll award himself a massive bonus. If it doesn't he'll take the golden handshake and move on to ruin some other business.

From the 'Private Eye's, Number Crunching feature -
3 Hundred and forty-six pounds was the average wage of a postman last year
3 Hundred and twenty-one million pounds was the profit of Royal Mail last year
3 Million pounds was the pay packet of chief executive Adam Crozier last year, including two bonuses

Mick Hall has more to say on this subject on his blog.

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