Thursday, October 08, 2009

My missus is out walking the dog this morning, and, passing one of those big commercial wheelie bins, she sees it start to move. She moves on quickly and looks back. A bloke climbs out covered in all kinds of detritus, shakes off some of the gunk and says, "Good morning, love." Missus responds in kind and listens while he complains of the lack of fruit among the bin's contents, then witnesses something really strange.
The bloke is staring up at a nearby roof for a while, then he shouts, "Come on, lads!" Three pigeons fly down from the roof and land at his feet. The bloke strolls off down the street and the three pigeons walk along behind him.

A disturbing coincidence -
I'm reading through the teletext news this morning, and there's a piece about a bloke sleeping in such a bin in Nottingham (I think it was). The binmen turn up, tip the bin into their vehicle, dosser still in, and the poor fellow's crushed to death.
According to the missus, our pigeon-fancier had been dossing in the bin, not just dumpster diving.

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