Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to Britain Mousa Kousa. You may have been a torturer, a facilitator of terrorism, but that's all in the past (two weeks ago, in fact). Now you're a democrat, a defender of freedom.
How are you going to play it, Moose? You're going to have to talk to the CIA, and they'll want you to confirm that Libya was guilty of the Lockerbie bombing. But that's as good as saying that you planned the atrocity. Deny Libya's and your guilt and you'll probably be cut loose, no anonymity, no round-the-clock bodyguards. Confirm it, and what? You'll be surprised how forgiving our rulers can be. No doubt a script is being prepared for you that will point the finger at Libyan intelligence while showing you to be free of all blame. Perhaps, like Kurt Waldheim in the Balkans, you were on sick leave at the time.
The British government has stated that you do not have immunity for past offenses. Don't worry about that, nobody takes any notice of British government statements, They're just intended to give the press something to print now that now that news gathering is unfashionable.
Here's my advice, though an old stager like you won't really need any. Give them Gadhafi and his offspring; movements, location of bunkers, etc. But first tell them that they can't trust the contenders, Abd-al-Jawal, Tarhuni, Mesmari (Sarkozy's boy). Promise them that if they ease you into the top spot the steady flow of cheap oil is guaranteed.
Home and dry.


fleming said...

You know Jemmy, your preoccupation with "cheap oil" as the font of all evil is both sad and humorous. Sad because it means you have no clue, no real analytical ability. You just knee jerk. You have no idea why oil is bad OR good, you just know its cool to demonize it. Its quite pathetic.

Humorous, because of your total hypocrisy. So Jemmy, drive a vehicle? Heat your home in the winter? Use any plastic? (watch out, that computer you own is loaded with plastic and lots of oil was consumed getting it to you --eeeekk!!! hahahahha)

I mean how clueless can one be. Its as if we shouldnt care about oil, just let the crazy nutjob backward brownies engage in eternal tribal disputes.

We try and make the world a more advanced and better place to be, and we need oil to make it happen. Its simple. The whole world benefits from the enormous economic engine that is the US, but you are too busy "being cool" and turning a blind eye to your situation. Like I said, sad and funny.

Gosh Jemmy, now I know you wont publish this, but maybe you will wake up from your "Im a cool radical dude" coma eventually.

Jemmy Hope said...

Pitiful really; this blog is so important to you that you can't keep away, you poor NEEDY fellow. But then nobody else will tolerate the poison you ooze. I just think we have to turn over the rocks occasionally to see what creeps out.
Imagine that, you thinking that I would consider myself 'cool'. In this country only the middle class use this word as a term of approval. It isn't in my vocabulary, except to describe food, beverages, the weather, and a particular style of jazz.
You on the other hand think you are a paid up member of the master race, and one of "the smartest guys in the room". One reason I like to air your rants on here, some people are amused, as they would be by a performing dog; though when you start foaming at the mouth it's no longer funny, and you have to be put down.
How's the "brownie" who's running your country doing. Bombing wedding parties in Pakistan. Starting another war in country far away. You must be thinking of him as an honorary white man.
I'll put you back in your cage now. Keep sending in your lunatic comments, I might let one or two through for the entertainment value.

fleming said...

Hilarious. You are so cool you dont even deem the word worthy of describing you.HAHA Your lack of self awareness knows no bounds.

Oh, BTW, our 'dear leader', Obama, had a white mother. Seeing as his father disappeared at birth, he was also raised by her family. So yea, you could say pretty accurately he is half white. Or didnt you know?

Mock and deride all you like Jemmy. Its all you really excel at. Making smarmy comments, being a agitator, its your raison d'etre, right? Goodness, you are an angry, angry soul, its quite obvious. Must be what comes from subsisting on the outer fringes of acceptable society for so long.

Lets recall, YOU went to the trouble of creating YOUR OWN blog so you could vent your rage regularly. Me, I just visit here briefly so I cam fire off a quick missive and get you spinning like a top. FYI, I visit and comment elsewhere, at plenty of sites that arent political. I always know when Ive hit too close to home with you because you either ban me or stop allowing my comments. Probably like with this one. No worries, I wont run out of ideas or words.

Maybe one day you and the odious tgia and that petulant twerp the AA can hang out together and scream at the world so loudly it actually pays heed. But I think that is extremely unlikely, dont you? LOL

OK, its now safe to go back to making your (what you think are) oh so clever abrasive remarks toward anyone who dares stray from the narrative as determined by the great Jemmy. Because you are, of course, the wisest, fairest and most benevolent person in the world, and anyone who doesnt see it that way can get F****ED. Right Jemmy!!??

Jemmy Hope said...

Nice touch, that "f***ed", but so untypical as to be disconcerting.
Of course I knew Obama's mother is white, that his introduction to the black American experience only came after years of living the life of a privileged middle class child and youth, and then only as a patronising do-gooder.
He is one of yours, flem, the big corporations bought him before his election. I dont know where he was born; it doesn't matter, he's got "corporate America" tattooed above his heart.
By the way, I'm using middle class in the British sense, not to mean any white person who's not on welfare