Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ratko Mladić is facing trial accused of of genocide, crimes against humanity and violation of the laws of war. Hashim Thaçi is accused of nothing - by NATO and the International Court of Thingummy.
As I've noted before, there are unacceptable crimes against humanity, and acceptable crimes against humanity. Or maybe Serbs have been downgraded from human status.
War crimes against Serbs are acceptable, as the late, unlamented Franjo Tudjman learned to his relief. People trafficking, drug trafficking, harvesting and trafficking of human organs, OK by NATO.
What's the difference between Mladić and Thaçi? Mladić is a Serb (bad, bad, bad), Thaçi is a Serb-killer (good, good, good).

Meanwhile Pope Ratzi the Nazi is in Croatia bigging up the wartime head of the Croat church, Cardinal Stepinać, under whose guidance Catholic Croats massacred a half-million Serbs, as well as Jews, Roma, and Bosniak Muslims, egged on by bloodthirsty Franciscan monks.

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