Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 50 of the Guantanamo Gulag hunger strike. Over 100 prisoners are refusing food, taking only water. a handful are hospitalised and are being force-fed. A large number of the strikers have been cleared for release for some years, being recognised as no threat, but their captors just can't let go.
Originally the the US authorities denied that there was a hunger strike; they now admit to 28 strikers, others they claim, are sneakily scoffing snacks when their backs are turned. Should one of the strikers die the jailers have a press release prepared stating that the prisoner is only feigning death. You just can't trust these sneaky Muslims.

Meanwhile Samer Issawi, Palestinian hostage of apartheid Israel, is on the 248th day of his diet of salt and water. He is said to be close to death, so his kidnappers had better release him soon. Usually the régime holds a hunger striker until his or her health is completely ruined. Then the human wreck is released and dumped somewhere where the various travel restrictions on Palestinians ensure that the victim cannot return home.
Samer has never been tried for any offence, never accused of any offence apart from the heinous crime of being Palestinian. No need to bother; who but others guilty of the same crime, and a scattering of bleeding hearts, gives a fiddler's fart?

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