Friday, April 12, 2013

Glenda Jackson was one of a handful of Labour backbench MPs who attended the unprecedented recall of Parliament intended to provoke the mass of British people who hated Thatcher and all she stood for. Ms Jackson came not to praise but to speak for those of us who are sickened by the lies being told about this woman. She came to set the record straight. Non-partisan observers tell us that hers was the best contribution.
But Ms Jackson insisted: “I was meticulous in not being personally rude. I didn’t know the woman: I did know the policies. I spoke up because history has been rewritten over the past week. I lived through the Thatcher period. I know what it was like. I know what it was like for my constituents. The reality bore no resemblance to what’s being presented.”
She said she was also struck by the way the tributes are being led by the Conservatives, when it was the Conservative leadership that sacked Margaret Thatcher in 1990. “That’s another thing – the manner of her going hasn’t been touched on. I find that bemusing,” she said.
(The Independent)

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