Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sitting in the dentist's waiting room this morning I pick up a copy of Q Magazine and read a little.
I learn that Chas and Dave don't like the Rolling Stones. They once shared a dressing room with them and the suburban gents wouldn't speak to them. Also one of them (Dave?) "don't rate" Keith Richard(s) as a guitarist.
I'm not into cockney rockney music, or whatever they call it, but I find common ground with the geezers.

An interview with Johnny Marr. I learn that he once had a chance to sign for Manchester City. I forget why he didn't take it up. Interviewer asked if he'd play for them today. Answer, yes, out of admiration for manager Roberto Mancini. Apparently R.M. always "wears good trousers", and his shoes always match the trousers.
This Marr fellow has got his priorities right as far as I'm concerned. Trousers maketh the manager. Too much sloppy dressing around today. As Uncle Sonny put it ('The Sopranos'), "Some of these young fellows will be buried in jogging pants."

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