Saturday, August 30, 2008

Forgotten History? Suppressed History?
A helpful reminder of the origins of the racist state of Croatia, whose leaders are keen on joining the EU. I recall when that sorry statelet came into being a British TV reporter speaking in reverential tones of "the flag of the ancient nation of Croatia".
The last thing any British news reporter needs is a historical context to a story.

'This summer Dinko Sakic, the 86-year-old former commander of Jasenovac, the notorious second world war concentration camp, was buried in his Ustashe uniform, the Croatian equivalent of the Nazis. After the war, Sakic emigrated to Argentina but returned after Croatian independence in 1991. He was welcomed back like a celebrity. In his interviews, Sakic repeated that he regretted nothing. What Sakic should have repented was that tens of thousands of inmates in Jasenovac were murdered under his command. He also personally executed two Jewish prisoners ... At his funeral a Dominican priest, Vjekoslav Lasic gave a speech in which he advised Croats to admire Sakic and to take him as an example.'

More on the history of our Croat allies here -

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