Monday, July 26, 2010

Eric Cantona advertising the Dirty Digger's sports channels. Cantona you whore, how much did Murdoch pay you pour t'enculer? You have no shame.

"Être français, c’est rester combatif et révolutionnaire." No kidding? Oh yes, kidding.


fleming said...

A troll? Come on now Jemmy, I thought you had at least deemed me somewhat above that level...hahahha

Reading tgia labor to rationalize and justify his banning of me via censorship of my speech, well it sounded so much like what Hugo Chavez, or perhaps Stalin, would say as his soldiers were raiding a "rebel" printing press...

"This person was a subversive, a danger to the "revolucion" and added no substantive content to the dialogue. Therefore for the good of the people and out of respect for "himan rights", we the people's army are closing him down..."

Riiigggghhtttt. You may choose to buy this, but not me. I think you know from my comments here that while you and I do have very different views, I have(almost) always been moderated and respectful in my tone. And yes, I do try to inject a bit of humor here and there that might even be at someone else's expense --- horrors. FYI, my friends and I tease each ceaselessly. What cads we are....

What is odd is that Mr AACS finally gets it, it seems: Many people (RS,V,others) on both sides of the coin do not visit the AAC in order to be enlighted by his great wisdom (sue for me a little smarminess) but rather so that they may engage in hard debate and energetic but intellectual discourse with those on the other side of the fence. It seems Mr AACS just isnt capable of allowing that there is any position (on anything of signifigance), other than his own, that is legitimate. Therefore he shuts it all down. To me that shows incredible weakness, because he clearly fears that those who come to his site might be "contaminated" by posters such as myself. And if he is that insecure about his positions, then that says "something" about his beliefs, doesnt it?? :)

Jemmy Hope said...

Trying to figure the relevance of the above comment to the subject of Cantona pimping for Murdoch.

I'm not going to be the referee between you and TGIA, flem, as you'd be disqualified in the first round.
Hugo Chávez, "Enemy of the Month". Where would you Yanks (OK, Crackers in your case) be without your swarthy foreign villains? Tearing each others throats out, as you were 1861-5.
Much as you hate TGIA you can't keep away from his blog, even though you're no longer able to leave your deposits in the comments section. Do I detect a hint of masochism?
Keep looking in, flem, I've got some heart-warming news about your "hometown hero".

fleming said...

Not that I am bothered by such attempted disparagements Jemmy, but in the US blacks use the term "cracker" the way others use the "n" word. Guess you think racially based epithets are ok?

And hey now, didnt you use the word "troll" in reference to moi? I think so, and so had to respond.

In addition to reading the wonderful editiorial section of the WSJ daily :), I also check out what other sites, such as the AA and its pal the AACS are saying. Its always good to know what the enemy is talking about. And make no mistake, they are the enemy.

Hugo Chavez is the one who came to NYC and in front of the US called GWB "the devil". That nasty little pissant Chavez spends more energy hating on the US than the reverse.

Indeed, our biggest war effort to date was to help you brits against the Jerries (twice), (were the jerries swarthy?). That surely was an invention of our govt to keep the home folks from attacking each other, right? Next time we should just leave well enough alone and let what happens, happens. None of our affair.

Sprechen se Deutch, Jemmy? :)

PS: How soon they forget...

Jemmy Hope said...

Let me think ... Germany and UK at war 1939. Pearl Harbour 1942, forcing the US to declare war on (non-white) Japan, whose allies are Germany and Italy.
So the US's entry into World War 2 had nothing to do with pulling the Brits out of the mire (which we were in, and which the US did).
The rewriting of history, which erases the contribution of the Soviet Union and its Red Army is something I find interesting. We Brits are grateful to our US allies and our Soviet allies. But you don't own us, and neither did they. I'm sorry if our politicians give you that impression. I'm also pissed off that they allow the American Empire to drag us into every sordid adventure it goes of on, with the cry "You owe us for World War 2".
'Cracker' racist? I withdraw it. I thought it just meant folks who sit around a cracker barrel all day and talk a load of hooey (in the style of your comments).

fleming said...

Perhaps out of fear of offending all non-whites, we should have just surrendered, post swift to Japan...they were mad at us, so surely we deserved Pearl Harbor, ey Jemmy? Or if the Japs had been white, maybe we would have just wagged our finger and said oh you naughty boys...LOL

The Soviets were directly attacked by the Germans. They had no choice but to fight back lest they become totally overrun. Militarily they lost many more than they killed, it was pure quantity that saved their bacon. No one diminishes the enormity of their losses. But the US TRAVELLED thousands of miles, overseas, to attack Germany in Africa, Italy and France. A tremendous effort, of which the logisitics are so under appreciated, not to mention the Germans were not beating down our door.

Did you forget Lend Lease Jemmy? Or WWI?

Japan attacked us, but no one really helped us defeat them, did they?

For your sake Jemmy I hope you live long enough to enjoy the imposition of sharia law across britain and its forced islamization. No doubt the "brown man's" religion will bring you much greater joy than us terrible americans. Will you find the wearing of the veil objectionable? LOL

Did you help us in Vietnam? Korea? Bosnia? Somalia? Gee Jemmy, it seems you havent come along for all our romps.

Methinks you brits have grown so accustomed to the dome of protection offered by american power that you dont even appreciate its signifigance anymore. Often, one does not appreciate something until it is gone....

Jemmy Hope said...

"Japan attacked us, but no one really helped us defeat them, did they?"
You won't have heard of Britain's 14th Army, that defeated the Japanese in Burma. My old man was in that one. You probably believe the Hollywood version, in which Errol Flynn and a dozen yanks liberated Burma.

"Dome of protection", what a distorted version of realpolitik is promoted by your propagandists.
During the cold war the US positioned nuclear missiles directed at the USSR in our country. If ever the Soviets decided to attack the US (had they ever been capable) they would have had to first immolate our little island. We were your early warning system.

fleming said...

Kudos to your old man Jemmy, and I sincerely mean that. However, I was referring to the island hopping campaign, and its associtated naval actities, which was purely an american affair. Please dont intimate I dont know the difference between Hollywood tripe and actual history. You really know so little about me, after all.

Lets see Jemmy, if anyone could have tugged your island out of the way, its the US :). So sorry, we cant take responsibility for your geographical location. You will have to take that up with the "big man".

And good lord, the Soviets still have thousands of ICBMs with nukes atop. Or you think that is all propoganda too, do you? Do tell more about your intimate knowledge of soviet missile capabilities.

I think the white house would have been their first target, dont you? Along with various military bases and large population centers. I hardly think your little cormer of the world would have been on their list.

I know, I know, you PRESUME american power means nothing, has no value. Well maybe one day you will get to find out, and come to understand how "loving" the world is.

Is that what you think, that humanity, except america and Israel, of course, has suddenly embraced peace and love as their core foreign policy, and its just a bunch of lunatic defense company CEOs stirring the pot? Talk about seeing and believing too many Hollywood movies....LOL

People were fighting vicious wars for thousands of years before the USA was even a twinkle in some evil colonists eye :) In fact, even the noble savages of pre-Columbus america were well known to fight and kill one another. But they were nature lovers too, so we must revere them as morally superior to McDonalds fattened america.....

fleming said...

Why does it always have to be about "propoganda"? You seem to be saying that those of us who have an opinion different from yours are dullards, unable to differntiate fact from fiction, easily swayed by media twaddle, with basically no powers of discrimination, unable to think critically, as it were.

Meanwhile, folks of your order walk tall above the fray, able to ferret out fact from fiction with almost supernatural ability, while the rest of us drones just eat up the slop.

Sorry Jemmy, Im not buying it. You arent my intellectual master, you are not so superior that you are immune to the bullshit while the rest of us swim in it.

The truth is, we both have roughly the same information. I just come to very different conclusions from it than you. I make up my own mind about what to believe, and where the truth starts and stops. I am extremely critical of the information that comes my way.

You? Y just choose to believe the OTHER GUY'S propoganda. Thats all.

Jemmy Hope said...

Steady on there, flem, you've got more text published here than me. I know that everyone else in (on?)the blogosphere has barred your comments, but bear in mind I'm a slow reader and even slower writer.

You know, years ago we used to watch newsreels from the land of the free with little kids diving under their schooldesks as a preparation for nuclear attack from YOUKNOWWHO. We used to have a laugh about the stupidity of people who believed that a wooden desk would save them from extinction.
But that was not the point. They were being brainwashed into a fear of the alien and unknown. That's your legacy, flem, and all your political thinking, all your world-view begins with those lessons in paranoia.