Monday, August 27, 2012

I cannot be the only person in the United Kingdom who is sick to death of seeing photographs of Mo Farah* making that ridiculous gesture while grinning like a wolf. Now that his wife has given birth in a British hospital, thereby saving him a fortune, isn't it time for him to return to his chosen home - the United States?
There were two photographs of the man making a tit of himself in my morning paper, and a bonus one of eminently slappable Frankie Dettori (or Frankie the Tory) going for the tit look.

*That's Mo for Mohammed, but let's keep it short in these Islamophobic times. Mo pimps for various multinational companies and is probably very rich, but those US medical bills can cause even a rich man to shop around.


Chris Hall said...

Website I visited said he resided in South Africa. Truly a mulinational athlete.

Fleming said...

Have a lot of experience with US medical bills do you?

But sure, every necessity should be free. Housing, food, energy, medical care, haircuts, school, clothes, transportation, cars, fuel, etc That's the only "fair" way!


Jemmy Hope said...

The Beast is back! Coincidenly I'm getting a load of adverts for crap appearing on these pages. I'm assuming it's coincidence.
Outside of the cocoon inhabited by Fox News zombies there is a world of information. The rest of the world knows about the high poverty rates, the want of healthcare, the mass of homeless people, including people who fought the Empire's dirty wars. But as long as the drones are killing brown people fleming thinks all's well with the world.

Jemmy Hope said...

Correction - coincidentally, and I'm not sure of the spelling of

Fleming said...

Heart wrenching Jemmy, I'm sure.

The world isn't perfect? Good lord I had no idea.

Poverty, sickness, crime, you have solutions for all these? Wow, incredible. They've been around as long as humanity but Jemmys got it figured out - take from those who have more and give it to those who have less. Simple:).

No need for work. Just wait for your guaranteed check to arrive. Need medical care? Why, it's free and plentiful in Jemmy land. Gosh, I take it back Jemmy, you have figured out how to make the world an idyllic paradise for all. Thanks!!!

Jemmy Hope said...

Whether I or anyone else has a solution to poverty, exploitation, and injustice is not the point. I am free to say that this is wrong, just as you are free to repeat the lies and propaganda of the criminals you revere, solely for the reason that their crimes have made them wealthy.
I may play you a little longer before cutting you lose again, flem. They say power corrupts, and my power to turn you on and off can't be good for my soul, but I do enjoy it. It seems that the Maharishi of Oakland has tired of me posting his bullshit then immediately deleting it, but quoting his most idiotic statements.

Fleming said...

Your presumption that anyone of wealth is a criminal, says more about you then them Jemmy. So every winner is a cheater, a doper, ala lance Armstrong eh? There is no such thing as legitimate success, only robbery of others. To Jemmy it's all a zero sum game, sadly. He doesnt understand that capitalism creates and expands wealth. No, not everyone participates fully Jemmy, but not everyone gets to be starting middle fielder for your favorite football team either. Should the sport be banned? Should the underdog team be grantd an extra player, or free goals? Wouldn't that be fairer Jemmy???

You fail to grasp what is so fundamental to nature. Ever studied pavlov? It's all about reward and punishment, at it's essence. Without that system everybody just sits on their ass and waits for somebody else to provide. ITS NOT REALITY JEMMY.

Jemmy Hope said...

Sport is a form of exercise, relaxation and entertainment. It is not about survival. In the case of football it is also about teamwork, working together, combining diverse skills towards a common end. Members of the same team don't try to wrest the ball off each other, or put the ball in their own goal.
More can be achieved by cooperation than by competition.
Simple really, unless one is an exploiter of the workers and must sow the seeds of mistrust among the exploited. Their lies repeated by brainwashed fools, who believe that one day they will become rich by dint of hard work.
As the saying goes, When somebody tells you they got rich by hard work, ask them "Whose?".

Fleming said...

But individual team members compete for the starting positions Jemmy. Would you rather everyone be named a starter, regardless of skill or work ethic?

And of course teams compete with one another to see who is best, as they should. The best are rewarded. As they should be. Business is no different.

Is that what it all comes down to? Who does or doesn't get rich? Is there nothing more Jemmy? Sounds very materialistic, eh?

You are buying your own sloganeering. The successful work very hard in most cases. It's like seeing a popular rock and roll band and assuming they just got lucky - not realizing all the dues they paid in small gatherings and long lonely road trips etc. if you think its common for the successful to be lazy and abusive of their coworkers, you have no idea how business really works, my guess is you've spent so many years propogandizing the plight of the worker against the bosses, youhave lost all sense of reality and the truth.