Monday, August 06, 2012

Young Luke Campbell through to the semi-finals in the Bantamweight class at the McDolympics, and guaranteed a medal.
That's Luke Campbell of the St. Paul's Boxing Club in Hull.

Or, as Junk food salesman Lineker put it, "the young Scot".
Or, as the BBC sport website had it, Luke Campbell of Liverpool.
Or, as someone else claimed, Luke Campbell of the St. Paul's Club, Great Yarmouth.

The Liverpool gaffe has since disappeared from the BBC website, and Lineker reckons the young fellow has "a Hull of a chance" of winning gold. So, one assumes, these people have heard of Kingston upon Hull, just don't like to mention it.


Fleming said...
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Fleming said...

In fact they had another "article" about Michael phelps drowning...both were posted under the subhead "our dumb readers".

Jemmy Hope said...

"Our dumb readers" - well of course you read that.

Fleming said...

Perfect Jemmy. Never mind my point is valid. Just attack, rebiuke, assail, castigate, insult, mock and deride. You do,it so well, why do,otherwise.

Surely your approach will achieve all that you desire. Death to the opposition! Rightttttt Jemmy.